Baldwin case investigations underway

Baldwin case investigations underway

Crew members claim they had previously expressed safety concerns about the assistant director. Authorities accidentally handed actor Alec Baldwin a pretend gun. The cinematographer got killed on the set of a film.

Statements from Prop Designer

In the sad case of Baldwin, prop maker and technician Maggie gold said that he had raised concern. The way that hall is not concerned about the safety protocols of props used. After the incident, he even attempted to continue with the filming of the scenes with Hutchin lying unconscious. Contacted for comments on the issue hall did not respond he emails or his phone calls.

Another crew member who has worked with Dave Halls before also mentioned that in a previous event the misfiring of fun during filming resulted in the crash of a boom which resulted in three crew members losing balance and loss of hearing.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin

Safety Issues Raised

As a result of this tragic incident that occurred Thursday night safety issues on set have been raised. It’s not only about the negligence of Dave Hall. People need to make sure that they take all precautionary levels. This is not about the person who misfires the gun. Rather everyone on the crew filming the movie will be responsible. Other actors say firearms ought to be checked extensively.In this case, it’s so shocking that this happened and shows that safety measures are not considered.

Dave hall got fired for the same reason before. In addition to a refresh that has been carried out, it said that the hall has a lot of red flags in his career. This brings questions as to why he was still in the industry.

Court Records on the Baldwin Case

Since investigations are underway there have been new developments on the story. The gun misfire by Baldwin is one of the three forearms that were placed on the cart during the filming. From facts gathered it is said that the gun was assumed to be safe before firing fortunately the gun was loaded.

Baldwin Meets the Deceased’s Family

Ever since the incident the production company has not issued any comment yet or responded to the emails. However the actor ale Baldwin 63 met the director’s husband and daughter. The trio met in a hotel in Santa Fe on Saturday. This is where Baldwin was stung during the shoot of rust. From the looks of things, no hard feelings  are evident between Baldwin and Hutchin. The two share a hug in a picture. How the actor is in other photos seems distressed.


The case is still developing and it’s in the courts .However from information that is unfolding it clearly how’s that bathe negligence of prop designer is what caused the incident. also from statements issued out it shows that the man already has a bad reputation with the issue of safety of the crew members.

Author: Jorge Riley