Film Director Haylana Hitchin Killed on Set Thursday Night.

Film Director Haylana Hitchin Killed on Set Thursday Night.

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film director killed

This is not the first time that this has happened. The death of a crew member while on set is something that is not expected to happen to see that there is so much that can be done to avoid such accidents. The film industry was robbed of one of the great film director killed yesterday. With one of the most renounced names in the industry, this is sad news that ale Baldwin was involved in it.

Film Director Killed

The actor and producer Alec Baldwin fired one of the prop guns resulting in the death of Halyna Hitchin and injured Joel Souza. According to the statement issued by the sheriff Thursday night, Souza was rushed to the hospital. The shooting occurred during the filming of the movie rust in New Mexico. According to the statement issued by the actor’s spokesperson, this was a misfire of the prop gun. With that, there are no further comments issued from the actor.

What happened to photography director?

The late director of photography was rushed to the University of New Mexico hospital by helicopter. According to the director’s spokesperson, she was pronounced dead upon arrival.No charges has been laid since investigations are still is not yet clear what transpired in the incident.

The storyline of the movie

The story centres on the life of a 13-year-old boy who went on a run with his grandfather. The grandfather had escaped a death sentence for killing a rancher. This is an action-packed movie. the movie is being produced by ale Baldwin under his company el dorado pictures where Souza is the writer and director.

Is the movie still filming after film director was killed?

As of yesterday evening when the shooting occurred the filming of the movie has been halted. This came as a result of the ongoing investigations.

 History of such incidents

This is something that has happened in the past. In 1914 John Erik Hexum shot himself on set while shooting Cover Up. The previous year the martial art legend Bruce lee son baron lee was also killed on a movie set with a prop gun. This just goes to show that these accidents do happen and injuries also happen. There is even a report of Letitia wright being injured on the set of the Black Panther sequel.


These are some of the things that usually occur on sets. It’s all fun while shooting iMovie but when it then results in these injuries it brings so much bad publicity to it. In this case, if Baldwin not much has been let out since investigations are still being carried out. It’s such a huge loss to the film industry, however.


Author: Jorge Riley