Online Blackjack Tricks You Must Try

Online Blackjack Tricks

Blackjack has been around since ancient times. What makes it so popular today? Is it because it offers players the opportunity to win or lose big sums of money? Are there any blackjack tricks that you can use?

Blackjack is considered the oldest casino card game played worldwide. The rules of this gambling game have remained consistent over the centuries. It was created by African slaves who wanted a way to gamble without having to leave their plantations.

Online blackjack games involve multiple players competing against each other to get the highest hand total possible. Although some casinos offer live dealer games, most prefer using virtual cards due to the added security. Below, we share some online blackjack tricks for you to try.

Online Blackjack Tricks

Below are the blackjack tricks that you should take note of:

Online Blackjack Tricks

Online Blackjack Tricks

Trick 1: Play with Multiple Hands

You can play blackjack with more than one hand. This doesn’t affect your strategy as such, but you will need to split and double down when playing with two hands at once. If that sounds difficult, don’t worry; even seasoned gamblers struggle early on in the real-life play.

To begin playing cards with two hands, first, choose which hand will go first. You should always make better decisions with an advantage. Then place both wagers on the table. After placing a bet, use the “Bet Responsibly” button to determine if the second hand should be placed on top or underneath the first. Make sure to keep track of which side is up or down.

After placing both bets, wait until all five cards are dealt with before placing chips on your current bet.

Tip: When deciding whether to split or double down, consider what would happen if your opponent did the same and won. For example, let’s assume that your opponent splits his initial bet into two equal parts after receiving three cards. You will now have a bigger chance of winning if you also split. However, splitting can cause your opponent to raise his bet. Double down on the remaining $10 instead.

Trick 2: Play Your Cards Correctly

The object of the game is to see which player has the highest total value. Each hand is dealt face-up, giving competitors a glimpse at how they’re doing. How do you know if you’ve got a good hand?

The best hand consists of seven cards. Aces count as 10 points. A royal flush is worth 21 points. Any combination of 10, J, Q, K counts as 11. An ace and two spades (11) counts as 12 and so on. Counting cards from Ace to King, the maximum number of points any single hand can score is 13. Remember that aces can only add 10 points, not 21.

When you receive a 5 card draw, check the previous round of betting. If you hold a pair of kings, queens, jacks, or tens, take full responsibility for those wagers. However, if there are no pairs or ten-value cards left, then the other players may want to give back part of their profits. In contrast, if you were holding nine 9’s and received a 7 card draw, you can’t ask other players to help out as there are no high-value cards included in the deal. Instead, ask them to re-bet on the next round of deals.

Tip: Don’t forget to pay attention to the dealer — he can hold a very valuable card that could impact your hand.

Trick 3: Be Aware of Jackpot Temptation

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself sitting next to the jackpot during a multi-hand round, stop taking risks right away! Do you really think you can beat the odds? Of course not. That being said, some players may feel pressured by the pot-growing too large. The average pot size ranges between $3 and $5, and it can grow larger than $20 with four hands going at once. Avoid becoming intoxicated by this temptation. Stay focused and stick to your plan.

If you decide to stay in the game, place an extra bet with every deal, and try to win the whole pot. This way, you’ll avoid losing money because of a bad decision.

Tip: Keep a close eye on the amount of cash in the pot. If someone gets distracted and fails to count chips each time he places a bet, the stack grows quickly and eventually becomes a way out of reach. If this happens, politely inform the player that he needs to make a new bet or leave the table.

Trick 4: Know when to Fold

There comes a point where you should say “enough.” Even the most skilled poker players lose sometimes. So do not hesitate to fold if you notice that the players around you are playing badly. They might be bluffing, or just plain clueless about how to play the game. Before folding, however, make sure that your exit strategy is set up. Think about which side you expect to win, and act accordingly. You don’t want to get stuck in a losing streak.

Don’t rely solely on your intuition, but rather use logic to guide your decisions. While it takes practice, research shows that people who have learned good poker strategies end up winning more often than those who haven’t.

Tip: When all you see is red, it’s probably a sign that someone has lost big. If everyone’s face turns red while a hand unfolds, it means the hand must be horrible. It’s also a signal that the person behind you is making poor decisions.

Author: Jorge Riley