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We help you reduce infection risk with our sanitizing wash process – Advancing Clean Through Science™

An Innovative Leader in Infection Prevention

Reduce your risk of healthcare-related infections. We have everything you need to help keep everyone healthy and safe — from scrubs, lab coats and patient gowns all the way to microfiber towels and bed linens.

We’ll even handle the hassle of cleaning with professional laundry services that meet industry best practices.


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Help Keep Your Team Healthy, Safe and Comfortable

Reduce the risk of spreading infection and keep your facility cleaner than ever with our comprehensive microfiber program. Dusters, towels, and mops help eliminate cross-contamination from floor to ceiling and decrease the number of high-risk microbes living on hard surfaces. 

We’ll help keep your microfiber products working at their best with our 4-step MicroVantage™ process, found only at Vestis. This process adheres to OSHA’s BBP (bloodborne pathogen) requirements and meets EPA standards for sanitized laundry by effectively reducing 99.9% of disease-causing pathogens1.

Elevate Hygiene with MicroVantage

1Sanitized products are only provided to customers of Vestis who require and request their products be processed as containing bloodborne pathogens.


Essential Product Services

Provide an even better experience when you easily add on any of the following offerings to your rental program.


Outfit your team with medical staff and patient garments, from scrubs to gowns, lab coats and more.

Landau Scrubs From Vestis

Comfortable, stylish and durable Landau scrubs – a brand you know and trust, cleaned and delivered by Vestis.

Understanding the Benefits of a Uniform Rental Program

We can handle your team’s uniforms so you can focus on taking care of your patients.

How a Uniform Rental Service Works

A Vestis uniform program is more than washing your scrubs and lab coats. Our service adds value to your business.

Overcome the Hassles of a Self-Managed Uniform Program

Managing your team's uniforms takes time and resources away from important tasks. Let us help with a fully managed uniform rental program.

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